Day of Session:

  • Avoid using any lotion, creams, perfumes or deodorants.
  • Remove all make-up prior to the sunless application
  • Wear loose-dark colored clothing and remove all jewelry. Tight clothing will rub off bronzer.

Before and After care for your Airbrush Tan

After Session Care:

  • Refrain from showering as long as possible  (12 hours) As with all DHA products, sunless color begins to develop approx. 4 hours after the application and continues to darken up to 24 hours. If you must shower before 12 hours rinse with warm water only, soap can inhibit the full effect of the DHA.
  • AVOID SWEATING OR GETTING WET. We have a faster developing solution that you may shower after 3 hours if you have to shower or get wet.
  • Bronzer will rub off on sheets so sleep on a blanket or old sheets.
  • When you do shower it is normal for the bronzer to wash off. You will still have your tan. Rinse even and for best results use Norvell cleanser. Bar soap will strip your tan.
  • Apply Norvell prolong or body butter for lasting results.
  • Pools and spas containing chlorine can fade tan faster.
  • Exfoliate before you co9me back for your next airbrush!! DHA dyes the top layer of skin which is basically dead skin cells. That layer will slough off within 7-10 days. You can combat that by using Norvell body butter.
  • Use an exfoliating mitt to remove as much of the tan as possible for an even  tan next time!

24 Hours Before:

  • Exfoliate! Clear away and dead or unwanted skin. We sell an exfoliators at the salon. You may also use baking soda.
  • Avoid using bar soaps, or shower products high in pH.
  • Shave or remove any unwanted hair.